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About Tanzania

Tanzania’s first interaction with the outside world was with seafaring traders from the Red Sea and the Arabian Peninsula (bringing with them the Islamic religion). Islam was eventually adopted by locals at the ports where the Arab traders flourished. The first European explorer who arrived in Tanzania was Portuguese sailor Vasco da Gama (1498), who […]


tAskari Monument

tAskari Monument (Nnamdi Azikiwe Avenue & Samora Avenue, Dar Es Salaam) – unveiled in 1927, this is a memorial to the Askari soldiers (local Tanzanians) who fought for the British Carrier Corps in World War I against the Germans that occupied Tanzania at the time. The Germans lost Tanzania to the British after World War […]



CAR RENTALS – the following car rental agencies operate in Dar Es Salaam: Avis: +255 22 276 1271 Budget: +255 716 786 123 First Car Rental Dar Es Salaam: +255 22 211 5381 Hertz: +255 763 232 601 Savannah Seasons Car Hire: +255 678 643 973 Solidarity Car Rental: +255 766 100 005 Xpress Rent […]


Al Dar Restaurant and Bar

Al Dar Restaurant and Bar (Holiday Inn Dar Es Salaam, 5 Upanga Road Jct., Azikiwe Street, Dar Es Salaam) — for a relaxed distant ocean view meal under a straw umbrella and a shisha experience on your Dar es Salaam trip, you can visit the Al Dar Restaurant and Bar on the roof of this […]


Bongoyo Island

Bongoyo Island — Being a large city, Dar Es Salaam offers many opportunities for residents and tourists alike. Yet not everyone enjoys being in such a busy place day in day out. That’s what Bongoyo Island is for. Close enough to be easily reached and far enough to get out of the noisiness of the […]


Aura Mall

Aura Mall (Morogoro Road, Dar Es Salaam) – this is a relatively new shopping center (with some areas still under development). The architecture is impressive with lovely designed interiors. At present, a supermarket, clothing stores, pharmacy and the cinema are currently in operation.